About Us

Royal Crown Advertising  based in Dubai UAE, is a direct business to consumer (B2C) marketing medium. Our company was founded in 2019  by like-minded entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in sales and marketing; in response to local businesses need for a marketing service that was more cost effective, while having the ability to generate high yield results that concentrated on the hyperlocal community.

We discovered a gap that was left behind by businesses as they chose to use the rapidly growing technological advancements in advertising. Even though the digital era is the way to go with regards to advertising, we believe that coupons created and delivered in physical form rather than digital form; are more effective in terms of results and believe it or not more popular with consumers.

We produce and distribute large format door hangers containing between 16 to 18 amazing coupon deals from businesses located within the community.


This is how we’ve got the entire advertising industry on its toes by choosing to revolutionize the coupon industry with our never seen before, one of a kind product that every business in every market needs.